One-volume Adventist Bible
Commentary Due in 2015

Andrews Bible Commentary, at 1,800 pages, to be a ready reference (Posted May 10, 2013)

BY MARK A. KELLNER, News Editor, with information from Andrews University Press

Seventh-day Adventists and others interested in the Adventist perspective on Scripture will soon have a new, one-volume resource on the Bible.

The Andrews Bible Commentary, due for release at the 2015 General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas, is the church’s first concise, one-volume commentary, and is intended as a coordinated resource with the Andrews Study Bible, released by Andrews University Press in June 2010.

Andrews University president Niels-Erik Andreasen announced the new commentary on Monday, April 15,at the Spring Meeting of the General Conference Executive committee, in Battle Creek, Mich.

The commentary project is coordinated by Andrews University Press, the world church’s only regularly established academic publishing house, with funding from Andrews University and the General Conference, and oversight by a project committee of General Conference and Andrews personnel.

As with the Andrews Study Bible, the Andrews Bible Commentary is intended specifically for the general reader, as well as pastors and church elders providing basic Bible teaching in the congregation, Andreasen said.

In making his announcement, Andreasen referred the delegates to a purpose statement for the commentary that had been approved by the project committee. It states that the Andrews Bible Commentary “is a concise, one-volume exposition of Scripture written by faithful scholars of the church as a companion to the Andrews Study Bible for lay readers, pastors, students, and teachers living in expectation of the Advent Hope.”

“This commentary is aimed to help the person in the pew. It is written in plain language,” Andreasen said. He told the delegates that the writers had been instructed to write at the same reading level that they would write an article for the Adventist Review, the general church paper of the Adventist Church.
When it is published and released in 2015, the Andrews Bible Commentary will have about 1,800 pages of commentary and helpful articles, or about three times the original content of the Andrews Study Bible, according to Andrews University Press staff.

Andreasen said 60 writers, all Bible scholars from church institutions and organizations around the world, have been contracted to work on the commentary under the direction of a small editorial team. The general editor is Ángel Manuel Rodríguez, retired director of the General Conference’s Biblical Research Institute. Associate editors are Greg King (Old Testament), dean of the School of Religion, Southern Adventist University; Gerald Klingbeil (Old Testament), associate editor, Adventist Review/Adventist World; and John McVay (New Testament), president of Walla Walla University.

Andreasen said some of the writers have already completed their assignments. He assured GC president Pastor Ted N.C. Wilson that a small, printed sample of selected portions of the commentary will be available for the next full meeting of the GC Executive Committee at Annual Council in October 2013.


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