New Media Missionary Program
Launches in Quebec, Canada


Better Living Ministry (Mieux Vivre), an Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI)-member ministry in Victoriaville, Quebec, is launching a one-year media missionary training program in which students can learn how to produce Christian television programs, create Web sites, and work with virtual sets and green screens. The Christ-centered program will train young people to use their creativity for Christian service and mission work. Students will receive hands-on training in every aspect of starting and operating a small television recording studio.

28 FUNDAMENTAL BELIEFS SERIES SET: Set of a Better Living program on the 28 fundamental beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists, broadcast in the French language. [PHOTOS: Better Living]
Better Living was formed in 2009 by a dynamic team of young adults who recognized the need to share the gospel with French-speaking Canadians. In Quebec there are fewer than 500 native French-Canadian Adventists out of a population of more than 7 million. The Quebec population has a secular culture that is largely closed to Christianity, particularly through public evangelism avenues. Media penetrates many of those barriers, reaching people in the nonthreatening environment of their own homes.

Radio and television programs produced by Better Living are available on local Quebec stations, as well as Hope Channel and 3ABN. They reach an even broader audience, however, through on-demand Web distribution via Roku, smartphones, apps, smart TV platforms, and desktop browsers.

“Our Web presence is one of the most powerful methods of bringing our Christ-centered and health-conscious content to the masses,” says Wayne Atwood, director of Better Living. “We reach French-speaking people not only in Quebec but also around the world.”

During a recent mission trip to Honduras, Atwood became inspired to establish the media missionary training program. Leaders of VIDA Internacional, another ASI-member ministry, had asked Atwood to produce a promotional video for them. While working on the project, Atwood met Frida Torstensson, a student from the Matteson Mission School in Norway. Frida explained to Atwood that she was looking for a place to do a media internship. One of her personal goals was to discover whether the Lord was leading her into full-time media ministry. In the ensuing weeks and months, others expressed to Atwood a similar interest in obtaining media training and experience.

FOUNDERS: Wayne Atwood and Frida Torstensson
“In a personal prayer,” Frida says, “I promised God that I was willing to go to Quebec, Canada, for the program if that was His will for me. Since then God has worked in my life in answering that prayer. He has changed my future plans, and I have felt convicted to trust Him by joining the first group of media missionaries. Of course there are many unknowns in store in this new venture, but I have chosen to step forward by faith. God has given me a burden to work in media ministry, and I want to use it in the mission field to lead people to Christ. I see being one of the pioneer students in the [Better Living] media missionary program as a great opportunity to learn to depend fully on God as the great Creator and to pave the way for other young people to follow. It is also one step closer to finding out more specifically God’s plan for my life.”

The first Better Living Media Missionary program will begin in January 2014. Tuition is free of charge, but students are responsible for covering their own room and board. The internship is offered in both English and French. French language classes will be offered to students who don’t speak the language so they can learn to edit French programming. Although Atwood would prefer that students come with some media experience, it isn’t a prerequisite. Applicants of all ages are welcome to apply, but the program will target young people between the ages of 18 and 25.

Apply online at E-mail missionary@better or call 1-800-651-1275 for more information about the program.


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