September 26, 2013

2 • Greetings From the President
Introduction: Ted Wilson welcomes readers to this special issue of Adventist Review.

3 • Living With Heaven in Our Hearts
First Sabbath: Ted Wilson gives us ideas for living with heaven as our goal.

6 • Things Deeply Hidden--Yet Seen
Sunday: Larry Walter asserts that Jesus wants to work at our core to bring amazing things out of us.

8 • The Cruciform Mind
Monday: Larry Lichtenwalter takes a look at our frame of mind.

10 • What Am I Thinking?
Tuesday: It all starts with our thoughts.

12 • Integer or Fraction?
Wednesday: "Truthfulness allows us to look at ourselves in the mirror."

16 • What Will It Take?
Thursday: About putting our treasure where our hearts are.

18 • Leave the Light On
Friday: Christ calls us to let the moral qua lit of our lives shine.

20 • Our Present Duty
Second Sabbath: Ellen White on what it takes to reach our ultimate goal.

23 • Children's Readings
Children's Readings: Saustin Mfune brings us a Week of Prayer collection just for children.

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